Top 10 Best Talking Birds in the World (With Images)

Best Talking Birds in the World

In this blog post, I have mentioned the 10 best talking birds in the world that you can think of having in your home.

Birds have a lot of appealing traits, but their capacity to echo human speech sets them apart from other pets. While some birds are born with the incredible ability to learn and replicate words and non-speech noises, others are not. They mimic to attract the attention of their owners or other parrots or to amuse themselves.

Top 10 Smartest & Best Talking Birds

1. African Grey

African Grey

The African grey parrot, also known as the Congo grey parrot or Timneh Grey parrot, is the most clever and intelligent talking bird species, with hundreds of words in its vocabulary.

  • They live in West and Central Africa and have the same speech and reasoning abilities as human toddlers. Because they are excellent with mimics and can readily take up household sounds, they are well recognized for their superior understanding and mimicking of human speech. 
  • They are the most articulate parrot family members, capable of repeating words and sentences after hearing them once or twice.
  • Like other talking birds, African grey parrots tend to become attracted to only one person, and this bond is essential in shaping their communication ability. Some of them can memorize 1,000 words or more with the proper training.
  • Furthermore, they are intelligent enough to imitate various sounds to trick predators and are dubbed ‘The Einstein of the Bird World.’

2. Budgerigar

  • Budgerigars, often known as “parakeets,” are common and social birds.
  • This Australian bird is a popular pet worldwide because of its ability to imitate human voices. They’re also smart enough to repeat entire words in a single try and can even memorize songlines.
  • This bird holds the global record for possessing the most extensive vocabulary in the animal kingdom, with over 1700 words stored in its memory.
  • However, throughout training, this bird must be kept alone because it will not obey the owner if it lives with another bird, and male budgies tend to speak more appropriately than females.

The most famous and popular pet birds in the United States and the United Kingdom are budgies, which grind their beaks when they are content and contented.

3. Monk Parakeet

Monk Parakeet
  • This brightly colored bird is a small parrot known as the ‘Quaker Parakeet,’ which may be found in North and South America and Europe.
  • They have large vocabularies of phrases and words and are rapid learners, making them perfect for new owners of talking birds.
  • These birds can understand the context and feelings of what is stated if they are adequately trained.
  • These birds are found primarily in Argentina’s subtropical regions, and they are the only parrot species that creates a stick nest rather than a hole in a tree. They are lovely shoulder birds enjoying being caressed and held in their hands.

4. Indian Ringneck.

Indian Ringneck
  • These birds have been given the ability to learn and speak lengthier phrases, sentences, and short words and talk more clearly.
  • This bird is a royal pet because religious authorities in India who conducted daily prayers in their gardens began to observe these ringnecks repeating the chants centuries ago. It can learn and repeat 200 to 250 words and sing-song tunes.
  • Because it is so easy to make this bird ‘speak,’ it is frequently employed in Indian circuses and road performances.
  • They aren’t very excellent at imitating the pitch of a human voice, but they prefer to communicate in their bird voices, which convey the tone of the phrase.
  • Ringnecks handled daily by their caregivers have fascinating personalities and enjoy learning new bird tricks with their humans, such as waving hello with their feet and solving treat puzzles.
  • These birds often go through a ‘bluffing’ period throughout adolescence, which can lead to an increase in aggressive behavior 

such as hissing, biting, and general reluctance to any interaction.

5. Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot
  • The yellow-napped parrot is the most intelligent of the Amazon parrots and is distinguished by a distinctive yellow spot on its crest.
  • They can replicate a wide range of words and accurately duplicate them.
  • They usually only form bonds with one human. As a result, their interaction with the owner is essential in determining their ability to communicate.
  • If their diet isn’t correct, they’re more likely to become obese. They are also large and sturdy birds with a loud, piercing squawk and are skilled at repeating and singing lovely songs they hear in their environment.

6. Hill Myna

Hill Myna
  • They are members of the starling family and are well-known for their ability to imitate human voice in tone and timbre. They can be found across Southeast Asia.
  • These birds are also known as ‘mynah,’ derived from the Hindu term maina and the Sanskrit word madana, both of which imply ‘delightful and fun-loving.’
  • They may also make a variety of vocalizations, including whistles, howls, and screeches. Despite their communication capacity, they are not commonly kept as pets and are usually found in the wild.

• The enormous Indian hill and the common hill myna are the two primary species of these birds. The communication between these two species is more impressive than other mynas, and the Bali mynah is a rare and seriously endangered species.

7. Cockatoo

  • Cockatoos are highly gregarious birds with excellent communication skills and the capacity to imitate various noises. However, their ability to communicate depends entirely on the quality of their training, as they tend to replicate the words that the owners repeat frequently.
  • Cockatoos come in a variety of colours and sizes. Rose-breasted cockatoos, yellow-crested cockatoos, and long-billed cockatoos are the most vocal.
  • They’ve been dubbed “escape artists” in the past. Because aviculturists describe their behaviour as mechanical, they can escape from their cages without being noticed.
  • They have a strong voice, are known for screams and rants, and enjoy physical touch with their humans or companion birds.
  • They are obnoxious birds who shout for attention. Cockatoos may tear out their feathers when bored, making them a suitable choice for experienced bird keepers but not for individuals frequently away from home.

8. Eclectus

  • These birds, native to the New Guinea Islands, are noted for their ability to communicate clearly and have a large vocabulary. Because the male and female species seem so different, their name Eclectus is derived from ‘eclectic.’
  • They are skilled at imitating and mimicking most of the words they hear in their environment. Some people can even learn and sing a complete song.

According to many owners, Males are more trainable and pleasant than females. On the other hand, females are less reliant on their owners and are better at stress management.

•  While the Eclectus is a gifted talker, they are also sensitive and shy.

9. Macaw


Macaws are famous in aviculture and companion parrots because of their gorgeous colours, robust personalities, and advanced ability to mimic human voice and speech.

• Some species, such as the blue-and-gold macaw, are adept at picking up brief phrases and can even sing snatches of songs.

• The scarlet macaw is a gregarious bird that lives in small groups. It has excellent eyesight and pays close attention to the surroundings in which it is housed.

10. Blue-Fronted Amazon

Blue-Fronted Amazon

•   This lovely parrot hails from South America and is named after its distinctive blue head pattern. They are predisposed to form bonds with only one person and can only imitate human speech if they have been properly socialized.

  • If adequately trained, they can chat for hours, learn standard greetings and phrases, and are even known for their charming melodic song.
  • These birds mimic in their clear, booming voice and occasionally chirp and tweet on their own.
  • Furthermore, this bird is the finest choice if you seek a lifelong companion since it can live up to 100 years or longer.
  • This Amazon is calmer than other Amazons and can keep itself occupied for an extended period. They do, however, delight in being the center of attention.

Recap – Best Talking Birds

So these are my top ten choices for ‘The World’s Top 10 Talking Birds.’

Please do share your thoughts about this blog in the comments section below and which bird you think would make the finest ‘talking pet.’ To obtain such exciting information, please share your feedback as I will write more on such topics.

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