How to Choose a PET’S Perfect Name: Tips & Hacks – 2022

how to choose a pet's perfect name

In this article, I will give some suggestions on how to choose a pet’s perfect name which will surely help you while naming your pet.

Not just people can be named or christened. Pet owners choose distinctive names for their pets with pride and aplomb.

One example,

It is as crucial as choosing the animal to choose the perfect pet name for your pet like dog or cat. You may have seen this hysterically humorous commercial in which a man cries out to his dog, “Mr. Barkie von Schnauser,” as he gets home from work but is unsuccessful. Would you want to be called that?

Several ideas

You can name your cherished pet in several different ways. Here are a few details and advice on choosing a pet name.

Fact: Pets are given human names. For example, Sam, Lucy, Jack, Oscar, Winston, and Daisy are among the most popular.  

Fact: Most pet names are derived from their color, personality, or genres, such as literature, fashion, music, art, and history. Some names may reflect the name of a town, city, state, or country, whereas others may be a derivative of a popular drink, sport, handbag, or folk hero.

Here is one example of how one family chose a pet name for a new puppy. They wrote their favorite titles on paper, put them in a hat, and the youngest child pulled out a title or a name.

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Who chooses a name? – How to Choose a PET’S Perfect Name

When families adopt or get a pet, they usually leave it up to the children to choose a pet name. But in cases where a single person acquires a pet, they typically come up with a name that reflects their personality and favourite things. For example, one pet owner chose the name “Gucci,” while another owned a Nissan Maxima car and chose the name “Max.”

A popular name that is a favourite for many dog lovers is “Uno,” the beagle name that won a title in the Westminster Dog Show. Most likely, a great many new pet owners will use this name. Do you own a pet? How did you choose a pet name?  

My cocker spaniels were named Prince and Duke. They were more than human—great dogs and well-behaved. They were acquired from a place called Milton and Pickering, respectively. For some reason, he looked like a prince, and the other got the name Duke. I wanted to name him Milton, and it was overruled. 

When a puppy, for example, is purchased from a breeder, the pedigree includes the parents’ names. Thus, the owner may call the dog “Lucky.” For example, the pup’s name would appear as “Rush Brook Lucky Buck.”

Another owner may have watched the “Little Rascals” as a youngster and decided to call his new pet “Petey.” Or a dog that is black in colour may be called “Blackie.”

Perhaps the name may reflect an iconic figure such as “Elvis,” “Rambo,” “Madonna,” or “Duke (nickname of John Wayne).”  

A Recap – How to Choose a Perfect Pet Name?

It is sometimes challenging to pick a perfect pet name for your loved pet but not impossible. Depending upon the pet’s personality, many name options may be available.

Something about the pet’s appearance or breed may invoke a specific name. Or there may be some little quirk the pet has that triggers a perfect name.

One thing is sure; if you own a pet, you know the importance of giving the correct name. It has to fit like a glove. Titles can range from the majestic to the ordinary, and it may take some time before a name is given. For some, a nickname may be preferable, such as “Lily,” “Bandit,” Checkers,” or “Falafel,” to name a few.

A fun fact

Remember the commercial wherein an owner kept referring to his pet as “Dog” and was quite abrupt with the pet? He would say, move it, “Dog,” or “Get off the couch, Dog.” That is until “Dog” took a stroll one day and found a dollar bill on the street.

He went to the nearest candy store, purchased a lotto ticket, and won! He then saw his dog with three French poodles in a limo while the owner was standing on the sidewalk! That was fun.

Many need to have a perfect name for their pet!

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