Cane Corso is an ancient breed renowned for its fierce loyalty and commanding presence. However, the Cane Corso possesses other qualities that could surprise people unfamiliar with the breed. When combined, they can form the ideal pet for the appropriate owner.

Fact # 1

The breed name is derived from the Latin meaning “bodyguard dog” or “robust dog.”

Fact # 2

This dog is a huge, enormous dog. The Cane Corso can weigh more than 110 pounds and measures about 28″ tall at the shoulder.

Fact # 3

A Cane Corso’s strength is not limited to its size. They have powerfully muscled torsos and massive heads with grim expressions. The breed is aggressively domineering and protective.

Fact # 4

This breed is an old one. Cane Corsi were battle dogs in prehistoric Greece. The legionnaires carried the dogs back to Italy after the Romans had conquered the Greek Islands, where they were crossed with native Italian canines. The breed developed into well-rounded farm dogs, capable of driving, guarding land, and hunting game.

Fact # 5

The Cane Corso is devoted to and affectionate toward its owners. They don’t care about other canines or people who aren’t kin. However, they are intensely loyal to and protective of their own family. A dog does not instantly become everyone’s best buddy.

Fact # 6

Owners of Cane Corsi describe the bond as nuanced and complex. Besides being devoted to his people, he is also vulnerable to them. A Cane Corso will be very perceptive of your emotions and may even believe they are the root of your joy, sorrow, rage, or pride.

Fact # 7

When given a task, a Cane Corso performs at his best. Whether working on a farm or “helping” with the kids, the Cane Corso excels when given a job. It benefits from both physical and mental stimulation. The breed excels in dog sports, including tracking, agility, and scent work.

Fact # 8

Training is essential. And when we say training, we mean that you must do it yourself; you cannot enrol the dog in an obedience programme. Your Cane Corso needs to learn to cooperate and obey you, so you might want to seek the assistance of a trainer familiar with the breed.

Fact # 9

The Cane Corso’s owners are familiar with the snorts, snuffles, howls, and “roo-roo” sound between barking and singing.

Fact # 10

A Cane Corso will anticipate living in and with you. Your dog will always prefer to be with you because they were raised to work alongside the family. They enjoy having friends and will go to great lengths to be with you.


Cane Corso, bred to be guard dogs, may make good family dogs with the proper socialization. Due to its size and behaviour, the Cane Corso is ideally suited for a family with older children.


With a bite force of 700 psi, the Italian Mastiff, sometimes called the Cane Corso, is among the top three strongest dog breeds.



Noble, intelligent, dependable, and powerful are some of the most typical descriptors for the Italian Mastiff of ancient ancestry known as the cane Corso. With their massive height and protective attitude, Corso has served as guards, agricultural workers, battle dogs, large-game hunters, and more throughout their long history.


CANE CORSO DogsA superior defender, the aggressive and self-assured Cane Corso is intelligent, trainable, and of noble bearing. The Corso is a breed with roots in ancient Rome, and its name approximately translates from Latin to mean “bodyguard dog.”

The Cane Corso is a breed renowned for its strength and power. This breed can take down prey considerably more thoroughly than itself, with a bite force of 700 PSI.

Do Cane Corso Bark a Lot? Although the cane Corso (also known as an Italian mastiff) generally barks less than most breeds, they can and do experience problems with excessive barking and howling.

The Cane Corso may not be the dog for you if you’re searching for a sleepy dog who is content to nap all day. Since Cane Corsos often have a moderate activity level, you’ll need to, at the very least, take it for a daily walk or jog.


The Cane Corso is exceptionally devoted to and friendly toward its kind. It is not the kind of dog that makes friends with everyone it meets. They are, however, fiercely devoted to and protective of their own family. They don’t care what other dogs or people outside their family think of them.

The Cane Corso and the Kangal are both enormous canines. However, the Kangal is larger than the Cane Corso, with a maximum weight of 145 pounds instead of 110 pounds.

Cropping your Cane Corso’s ears will not only help prevent injuries but can also result in a healthier life for your dog by assisting in the prevention of ear infections, several visits to the doctor, and antibiotic treatments for your dog.

Young CANE CORSO puppies are relatively simple to train since they have a good attention span, are bright, and are eager to please. A CANE CORSO usually retains information effectively once he has mastered it

Obedience training should begin immediately because Cane Corsos are a clever and stubborn breed. Recall, or coming to you when you call it, and sit and stay, stop, and leave it are the first orders you should teach your puppy because they could all save their lives.

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