5 Tips To Train Your Furry Baby

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When you see a cute puppy, it can be exciting to think of all the great tricks they will soon learn.

Start On Time

The first error you might make is to take your time when first beginning your training. The worst thing to do is put off training till later in life.


Reward-Based Correction

It is not a good idea to combine positive and negative reinforcement. 


Your dog finds it difficult to determine if they will receive a reward or a punishment.

Training Session Durations

Some dog owners may not devote enough effort to teaching their dog, while others may go beyond.


They may lose interest and retention if you push them too hard for too long.

Vary Rewards

Your dog might only exhibit the behaviours when you give them that reward if you rely too much on one kind of reward, like biscuits.


Show Affection

When you are teaching your dog, if you become frustrated, your dog may become fearful and intimidated.