Know Best Ways to Make Traveling with Your Pet Enjoyable

Obtain a harness, which can be attached to the seat belt.

 Taking long trips for your pet may not be exciting.  It is recommended to take your pet on short trips first.

Keep the pet in the back seat, never in the front, where it may cause a distraction unless he is fully trained

Ensure the collar is Sturdy and has the Proper ID tags and your Home address in case The pet gets away from You

Pack the following items the night before the trip: water, food, bowls, bedding for the car, toys, pet treats, plenty of plastic bags, and a first aid kit.

Stop frequently feeding and water, and allow the pet to exercise and take all-important “bathroom” breaks. Always keep the pet on a leash.

Please don’t Leave your car window fully drawn down; instead, leave it only a bit lower for his comfort and pleasure.

If you stop for a snack, never leave a pet inside the car. He can become dehydrated, especially in warm and hot weather.

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