The Last Of Their Kind Before Extinction

Equus quagga 


At the Amsterdam Zoo, a quagga that had last walked the planet passed away in 1883.

Incas The Carolina Parakeet


If someone told you that a poisonous species of parrot once lived in the Eastern United States,

Celia The Pyrenean Ibex


An extinct species of wild goat known as the Pyrenean ibex once roamed through France, Andorra, and Spain.

Turgi The Snail Partula turgida


Over the course of 21 months, the population of this species decreased gradually, as snail populations do. It went from 296 to one.

Booming Ben The Heath Hen


In colonial America, particularly in the New England and Mid-Atlantic regions, they were particularly common.

Toughie The Rabbs’ Fringe-Limbed Treefrog


Toughie, the final individual of the endangered Rabbs' fringe-limbed treefrog species, passed away most recently on this list.

Benjamin The Tasmanian Tiger Thylacinus


The Tasmanian tiger, also known as the thylacine, was a strange marsupial the size of a dog.

The Last Kauai O’o Moho braccatus


Their sleek black plumage was used for glossy decorations of traditional headwear for the islanders.