Top 10 Interesting Facts about Animals

Human and Koala Fingerprints


Unexpected similarities exist between Koala and human fingerprints.

Rhino Horn is made of hair


The same protein that makes up your hair and nails is used to create rhino horns.

Frogs and hypnotism


A frog can be hypnotised by gently touching its stomach while it is lying on its back.

Sloths and food breakdown


It takes two weeks for a sloth's food to decompose.

Elephants can’t jump


Despite what you may have seen on Saturday morning cartoons, elephants cannot jump or leap.

Cows and milk production


A cow makes about 200,000 cups of milk in her lifetime.

Giraffes are mute


The voice chords are absent in giraffes. For many years, it was believed that giraffes are primarily silent with the occasional snort.

Ostrich’s brain size vs eyeball


The eighth most fascinating animal fact is that an ostrich's brain is smaller than its eyeball.

Orangutans and broken bones


About half of the orangutans have broken bones as a result of their frequent tree falls.

Shrimp heart location


The head of a shrimp houses its heart. A type of aquatic mammal called a shrimp is frequently prepared as food.