The World's Top 10 Talking Birds

The African grey parrot, also known as the Congo grey parrot or Timneh Grey parrot, is the most clever and intelligent talking bird species, with hundreds of words in its vocabulary.

#10 African Grey

This bird holds the global record for possessing the most extensive vocabulary in the animal kingdom, with over 1700 words stored in its memory.

#9 Budgerigar

 They have large vocabularies of phrases and words and are rapid learners, making them perfect for new owners of talking birds.

#8 Monk Parakeet

These birds have been given the ability to learn and speak lengthier phrases, sentences, and short words and talk more clearly.

#7 Indian Ringneck

 The yellow-napped parrot is the most intelligent of the Amazon parrots and is distinguished by a distinctive yellow spot on its crest.

#6 Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot

 They are members of the starling family and are well-known for their ability to imitate human voice in tone and timbre. They can be found across Southeast Asia.

#5 Hill Myna

Cockatoos are highly gregarious birds with excellent communication skills and the capacity to imitate various noises.

#4 Cockatoo

They are skilled at imitating and mimicking most of the words they hear in their environment. Some people can even learn and sing a complete song.

#3 Eclectus

Macaws are famous in aviculture and companion parrots because of their gorgeous colours, robust personalities, and advanced ability to mimic human voice and speech.

#2  Macaw

They are predisposed to form bonds with only one person and can only imitate human speech if they have been properly socialized.

#1 Blue-Fronted Amazon

The World's Top 10 Talking Birds