7 Reasons Why Dogs Make the Best Pets


They evolved to love us

The friendliest ones congregated near the campsites of our ancestors, and so the contemporary dog's evolution began.


They’re super smart

The fact that dogs are so simple to train is no accident. Due to their extremely gregarious nature, dogs have grown to have larger brains, and it is these smarts that make them so trainable.


They make you healthier

Dog owners have been proven to have reduced blood pressure and cholesterol levels, proving the benefits of walks for both you and your pet.


They make you happier

Your stress levels are actively reduced by spending time with a pet dog, which promotes more relaxation, improved emotions, and decreased anxiety.


They can even make your richer

According to a UK study, pet owners make up to $6,000 more per year than non-owners. That appears to be a fairly wise investment.


They really do understand you

So, if your pet appears to be aware that she has acted improperly, it is likely that she is.


Look at that little face!

Give your dog the best care possible with Medibank Pet Insurance since they improve your quality of life.

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