amazing facts about manta rays

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Facts, Behavior & Diet

The word'manta' is actually Spanish for 'blanket' or 'cloak,' and the link is obvious.

Mantas must swim constantly in order to survive; forward movement flushes water over their gills.

Manta rays give birth to small manta pups every other year, which are conveniently coiled up like little burritos.

Manta rays have the highest ratio of brain to body weight of any living fish.

Manta rays have been seen leaping from the ocean like flying pizzas.

Manta rays, like leopard sharks, can be distinguished by the dots on the underside of their bodies.

The manta ray and the devil ray are sometimes confused, however they are two distinct species.

A fully developed marine manta ray has wingspan of up to 7 metres and can weigh up to two tonnes.

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