Can I train my cat like a dog?


I was intrigued to Tuft + Paw's Stellar Cat Bed right away since I love space-age and mid-century contemporary style.


Mau Castillo

Two elegant walls made of bent wood hold together this tower from Mau, which has two levels for cats to perch.


The minimalist style of the shelves reminded our tester of the products from Yamazaki Home, and she admired the low profile and crisp white appearance.


The ultra-stylish tower comes in two sizes: a 24-inch model and a towering 41-inch variant. It has curving plywood slatted walls made of ash veneer.


Mau Uni

Mau's Uni cat tree is a statement piece if there ever was one, therefore it's not for people seeking something understated.


Meyou Paris The Vegas Scratching Post

Since it is screwed to your wall, the post leaves absolutely little trace. Those screws are sadly not supplied.


Tuft + Paw Rifiuti Litter Box Enclosure

It has a slatted interior pathway to reduce tracking, and the ventilation allows your litterbox to get some fresh air while largely containing odours.

Red Section Separator



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