Top 10 facts about grouse

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There are 18 species of grouse, ranging in length from one to three feet.

Every year, between August 12 and December 10, around 250,000 grouse are shot in the United Kingdom.

The grouse is known as 'prairie chicken' in America. Kansas has the most wild grouse of any state.

Grouse are one of the few animals that can thrive in the Arctic.

Rudyard Kipling used the verb 'to grouse,' which means 'to moan,' for the first time in 1887.

People who hunt grouse pose no threat to the grouse" (Prince Philip, quoted in 1988).

Male ruffed grouse drum their wings to alert hens to their arrival.

The London gastropub The Jugged Hare will be offering a grouse dinner this evening, "from farm to plate in under 12 hours".

The willow ptarmigan is the only non-polygamous member of the grouse family.

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