How to Stop Dog chasing cars: Tips & Hacks – 2022

how to stop dog chasing cars

In this article, I will give you some suggestions on how to stop dog chasing cars from my personal experience over the years.

Dogs chasing cars – is your dog one of them?

Is your dog pursuing vehicles worrisome for you?

If your dog continues to follow or chase vehicles, then you should know how to stop dog chasing cars, because there’s a significant risk that he’ll be hit by one sooner or later. 

You must address this critical issue. It’s best to prevent this bad behavior from the start in the first place by refraining from this behavior.

If your dog snatches something from you, don’t chase him down; instead, use the “come” command and reward him when he returns.

Your dog will benefit greatly from this basic obedience training. Teach your dog to chase or run what it can return to you. 

It is in their instincts to chase; it is in their DNA. To a dog, a vehicle is no different from a giant rabbit when chasing an item of play or food.

Prevention is always a cure, but what if your dog is already a chaser? 

How to Stop Dog chasing Cars?

Your best bet is to install an underground electrified or above-ground fence. However, if this is not feasible or you want to take your dog outside the fenced area, you may use a shock collar with a hand-held control. When you use this device, avoid using the word “no.” 

Some may believe that using a shock collar is cruel, yet it is far worse for the dog than being hit and driven by a car.

You want him to identify the shock with the vehicle rather than the word “no,” or else the dog will do it as soon as you’re out of sight. There is nothing better than having a fenced yard. 

However, this is a viable option in a rural environment with plenty of open space. It’s the same concept as installing an underground electric fence. These fences work by burying a wire invisible to the naked eye. 

The particular collar the dog is wearing shocks him if he starts to drift away from the area of your property or the boundary you set for him.

The dog quickly learns his limits to escape the shock and will also learn not to chase vehicles. 

Make use of the collar as a training tool. It is a successful strategy for breaking harmful habits. 

Train your dog to stop on command if you get him well taught in obedience. Pay attention at all times until your dog learns to follow your command. However, if you fail and the dog is still chasing the vehicles, you must invest in unique automobile chasing or behavioral training.

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